Storage Options

Storage Options

Everyone needs a little extra storage in their bedrooms but sometimes there’s just no space.  Why not consider a divan bed with multi drawer options.  Tucked neatly under the mattress, you can get that extra storage without losing any floor space in your bedroom.

We have multi drawer options available on all Divans.  Any of the drawer options illustrated below can be combined to give a drawer option to suit your needs.

Divan multi drawers


Fabric options: Standard Grade: Somtex (Faux Suede), Graceland (Polyester Mix) PU Leather Premium Grade: Highland (Wool Mix)


Our Ottoman Divan provides the ultimate storage solution to maximise any bedroom space. Access to the storage area is done by a lifting platform which is connected to the base end via a hinged system.

Available in 3’0” (as illustrated above) 4’6”, 5’0”