We recommend you choose a Respa Divan frame to complement your Respa Mattress, giving optimum support and comfort. A Respa frame gives the bed remarkable strength and stability.

All Respa Divan frames are made from spruce pine grown in Canada at a natural pace for maximum strength. The timber is carefully inspected and tested before becoming the solid foundation for your Respa bed.

We recommend that you use a new Respa base with a new mattress in order to provide the most supportive, rigid, non-yielding foundation. An old base may not provide sufficient support.

If you intend to use your mattress on a slat foundation, please ensure that the slats are no more than 70mm apart and, in the case of a double, queen or king size mattress, have a centre support rail, so that the mattress is supported evenly.


Divan Options:

Platform Top

A non-spring top panel for a firm, orthopaedic feel. Our Essential and Physiotech Collections come with a platform top mattress as standard.


Sprung Edge

Edge to edge springs eliminate any ‘give’ in the base edge which allows you to sleep right to the edge of the mattress without fear of “roll off”. Sprung edge is the most luxurious option, it features a open coil unit mounted on a frame which acts like a giant shock absorber, increasing mattress durability. The same feature applies for a sprung centre, however, the sitting edge is supported by timber for firmness. We recommend using a sprung edge or sprung centre divan with all of our pocket mattresses.


Firm Edge

A rigid, non-sprung top panel gives a firmer feel.


Diamond Premium

The fabric is generously backed with foam and the upholstery is carried over the lid of the divan. Attractive chrome glides or castors come standard with this model.


Storage Options:

2 standard drawers, 4 standard drawers, 2 continental drawers with 2 standard drawers.

One large end drawer.


Leg Options:

Bed base on legs, leg options include black, birch, skittle, chrome, beech.

Please see Leg Options for further information.