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Respa along with a leading Gel manufacturer have researched and developed two new temperature regulating Gels. Both Gel systems RespaGel Smart and RespaGel Grid absorb heat which allows for a cooler sleep. They are combined with a CoolCell foam layer which responds to your body shape to encourage blood circulation.

The RespaGel Grid is a three dimensional gel grid system. The Gel grid system in this mattress is divided into six zones for instant pressure relief around your body. The Gel also allows for a cooler sleep as the temperature of the entire mattress lowers to an ideal sleeping environment.

The RespaGel Smart mattress cover incorporates strips of thermoregulating Gel which is applied to the contact surface of the mattress cover. The RespaGel Smart cover lowers the surface temperature of the mattress as heat is generated by the body and is passed through the mattress and dispersed. Find out more about RespaGel.

Sleepfresh technology featured in Respa mattresses (pocket collection) combines the latest innovations in fibre development, using open cell structure which allows airflow through the mattress. Find out more about Sleepfresh technology.

Purotex is a fabric treatment, Purotex pro-biotic microcapsules proven to drastically reduce dust mite allergens by creating a fresh, dry and hygienic sleeping environment. This advanced technology offers comfort and support, and a fast cooling, hypo-allergenic mattress for optimal sleeping experience.

Adaptive is also a treatment technology that keeps you cool and dry every night. As your body increases in temperature, Adaptive reacts to evaporate any moisture or humidity in your mattress, keeping you cool comfortable and dry.