Respa produce over 120 million RespaTech springs annually, forming more than half a million mattress spring units and over 50 million RespaForm springs. Each year in the Irish and UK markets, Respa produce over 60,000 mattress units.

Respa is the leading supplier of spring support systems to bed manufacturers both in Ireland and the UK. Respatech and Respaform springs are heat treated (tempered) twice to ensure the ultimate in performance and durability and are designed to encourage good posture and offer dynamic support, ventilation and thermoregulation, ensuring a consistent and peaceful sleeping experience every night.

Respatech is a knotted spring, round-top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil. When laced together with cross wire helicals, these coils form the simplest innerspring units, uniquely heat tempered by Respa to ensure higher performance and durability.



Respaform springs are pliable, comfortable and supportive. We utilize a technique in which the steel is coiled before it’s tempered so that it retains its height and shape. Each spring is mounted in an individual pocket allowing the springs in a Respa bed to work independently of each other in a unique way. When weight is placed on a single spring, the adjacent springs are barely affected. Careful testing has shown the importance of surface softness, spring depth and bottom springs. Higher spring depth gives a better pliability and comfort- a “bottomless feeling”. This technology combined with the very best fillings provides outstanding comfort.

This ongoing refinement work on our beds means that over the years we have tested nearly every imaginable method when it comes to building a bed.


These processes have been ongoing for over 67 years. Every year we add another new step in the development of the bed. Giving you value for your money and great pleasure from your bed is very important to us.All materials used in a Respa bed are carefully chosen and carefully inspected. Respa: engineered in Ireland, right down the very last spring.