Respa has been at the forefront of bed manufacturing for over 70 years, and as our business has grown, so has our commitment to sustainability.

Our goal is not only to be the leaders in bed manufacturing, but also leading the way with sustainability within the industry, supporting healthy sleep and being kind to the environment.

Our commitment

Our commitment to protecting the environment is close to our hearts and as an organisation we have committed to reducing our carbon footprint year on year and increasing the sustainability of our manufacturing process from the suppliers we use, to the recyclability of our products.


Where possible all our materials come from renewable resources.
We take special care in choosing where our timber comes from, ensuring the partner we choose replaces every tree used for timber production with a new tree planted in its place, ensuring nature's balance is maintained in sustainable forests. A partner that complies with the Forest Stewardship Council. We have received the FSC® forestry certification and we are committed to implementing and maintaining the chain of custody requirements in accordance with the required standards of FSC®.

We recognize deforestation as a major threat to our planet which is why we take time in selecting the correct partners who are as passionate about this as we are!
Sustainable forestry ensures that natural forest ecosystems are enhanced, not destroyed.

Where we can, and as an organization are working on reaching 100% on this, our materials are biodegradable, recyclable at the end of their life and free of harmful and allergy-related chemicals.


Our mattresses, headboards and divans are fully recyclable, meaning they never need to go to landfill. Our packaging is 100% recyclable too.

A bed might look great but if it is made using polluting methods with a massive contribution to non-recyclable waste, it is not sustainable and therefore not good for the planet.
Our cyclic approach to manufacturing ensures that products are made from materials that are recycled in a closed loop.

No waste

A 'no waste' recycling policy is adapted all the way along the value chain. Respa wood, filling, metal, cardboard & plastic scraps are separated and recycled.

We maintain a simple attitude towards the balance...
Respa manufacture products that protect our planet as well as our bodies.

What Makes Us Special

100% IRISH
100% IRISH

We are proud to produce all our products in our factory in Oldcastle Co. Meath


75 years of expertise goes into creating your perfect sleeping experience


Each item is beautifully handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail


Comfort, value and durability represent the core values of our trusted bed brand