At Respa Beds, we fully realise that sustainability and working towards an environment which instills and perpetuates social and corporate responsibility is key for the success of our brand and company going into the future. 

We recognise that playing our part as a manufacturer and leading the way in minimising and offsetting our carbon footprint is good for the business and the planet.  

This year Respa has undertaken a number of initiatives and projects which will create a path towards our goal to reach carbon neutrality in the coming years. 

Mattress Recycling 

We work with the hospitality sector across the country providing a premium range of luxury mattresses. We are now offering a service whereby each mattress is taken away and fully recycled in partnership with 

How does it happen

  • Respa will collect your used mattresses when your new shipment is delivered.
  • Utilising reverse logistics, reducing the requirement for a separate collection vehicle and minimising our carbon footprint.
  • The mattress is then taken to storage facility where it is kept clean and dry.
  • When there is a viable quantity, the mattresses are collected by our recycling partner and taken to their fully licensed facility for processing.
  • The individual elements of the mattress construction are then fully recovered and 100% recycled.
  • This means that all our hospitality beds which are removed are now Zero to Landfill. Avoiding 1,000’s of mattresses being dumped. 

Environmental Benefits

  • 100% diversion from Landfill.
  • All of the component parts of the mattress are Recyclable.
  • Reduced landfill.
  • A single mattress uses 0.5 cubic metres of landfill space.
  • A double uses 0.75 cubic metres of landfill space.

The Recycling Process

  • Mattress is stripped to component parts
  • Fabric, Filler pads, Foams, Metal springs
  • All materials are segregated into individual material types and consolidated for recycling.


FSC Certified Timber

The timber which we work with in our products in Respa Beds is sourced from FSC Certified sources. The FSC mark is the “gold standard” for wood harvested where forests are managed responsibly and environmentally conscious replanting and regrowing takes place.

The FSC system includes a chain of custody that tracks the timber through every stage in the supply chain from the forest to the manufacturer Respa Beds in this case. Purchasing FSC products means you can be confident you are not harming the world's forests. 

Spring Technology

All of our springs have been developed and manufactured onsite minimising our carbon footprint for input of materials and shipping. When you purchase a Respa bed you are guaranteed the product has been fully manufactured and produced here in Ireland. 

Into the Future

A number of other key initiatives are well underway for 2020 and we will keep you up to date on our progress. 

What Makes Us Special

100% IRISH
100% IRISH

We are proud to produce all our products in our factory in Oldcastle Co. Meath


70 years of expertise goes into creating your perfect sleeping experience


Each item is beautifully handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail


Comfort, value and durability represent the core values of our trusted bed brand